7 Things You Should Check Before Buying an NA Plot

If you are planning to buy a NA plot, congratulations! You have made a wise decision. But to ensure your investment is risk-free, there are a few things you must consider before buying an NA plot.

  1. Location matters: Only a location with excellent connectivity, excellent price appreciation record and robust infrastructure will earn you the highest returns on your investment.

  2. Take legal aid: Is the seller the real owner of the land? To know this, you will need the title deed. A title deed is a document that proves a person’s right over the property. You can avail legal aid to scrutinise the title deed and verify that everything is free of any legal hassles. Make sure that you always ask for the original copy of the title deed.

  3. Encumbrance certificate: Make a visit to the sub-registrar’s office, where the deed was registered, and demand an encumbrance certificate. This certificate proves the fact that the land is not under any legal dispute. Get the encumbrance certificate for the past 13 years and verify it.

  4. Pledged Land: Are you sure the owner has not pledged the land for a loan? To make sure, ask the seller to produce the release certificate from the bank.

  5. Visit the site: It’s always recommended to visit the site. Crosscheck the facts mentioned by the developer/seller and make sure that you are getting the promised amenities.

  6. The measurements: Get the land measured by a recognised surveyor. Make sure that the area, dimensions, etc. are accurately stated by the seller.

  7. Reputation of the seller: If the plot is being sold by a reputed developer, you might not have to worry about anything. Investing in a plot by a reputed developer will ensure that your plot of land has a clear title and is free from any legal hassle.

If you want to buy a plot with no hassles and fast appreciation take a look at Sylvia City, a project of well-developed plots on Jangamakote – Sidlaghatta Road in North Bangalore. The project offers plots from 1200 sq. ft. with amenities such as children’s play area, urban forest, jogging track and more. To know more about Sylvia City and its excellent location.

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