Necessary Documents For Purchasing A Plot

When you are on the lookout to buy a home or even a plot of land, you may think that the job is almost done once you’ve identified the right property. However, there are many processes that go into property purchase. To get these processes going, you will need a (fairly long) list of documents. Once you have all your documents in place, you’re good to go.

Here’s a quick overview of the documents that you will need when purchasing a plot of land:

1. Sale Deed: A sale deed is a registered document that testifies to the legal transfer of ownership of the plot from the seller to the buyer.

2. Mother Deed: A mother deed, which is also known as the “parent document”, traces the entire history of ownership of the plot and the various changes in ownership that have taken place.

3. Khata Certificate: For registering a new property or transferring the ownership, you need a Khata certificate, which is a registered account of the person in question.

4. Encumbrance Certificate: This document holds the specified person in charge of ownership so as to make him/her accountable against any liabilities on the property.

5. Power of Attorney: Power of Attorney allows the owner to transfer his/her powers to another designated person.

6. Receipt for latest tax payment: This is to ensure that all the taxes that are levied on the piece of land have been paid up to date.

7. Receipt for betterment charges: This is the receipt for the fees for improvement or betterment to be paid to the concerned municipal body.

8. Conversion Certificate: This is applicable in the case of agricultural land being put to use for non-agricultural purposes.

9. Building approval plan: In case there are plans to construct on the plot of land, there are legal building approval plans that are required.

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