Never Try Shortcuts For Your Home Improvement

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design”

Home improvement changes make your home look more efficient and functional without compromising on the quality. Completing your own home improvement project can be incredibly rewarding, from the visual effects to,, the well-deserved boastful talks and not to mention the amount of money you have saved.

When it comes to home improvement, there are some situations where you need to let the professional take charge. There are shortcuts to everything, but when it comes to improving your home, shortcuts bring down the quality and value of the home.

Here is the list of few shortcuts that you should never try for your home improvement

Never ignore the ‘permit needed’ work

To stay safe, ensure you understand the construction documents properly that requires a permit for completion of the project. It is essential to get a permit for electrical wiring, plumbing and much more. If you do not have the permits with you, you are going to face problems in selling the house in future.

Never ignore the ‘permit needed’ work

Repairing the electrical panel

You are required to have proper knowledge of electrical work or else you might land up in risking your house on fire. It is advisable to appoint a certified electrician to deal with the panel work and the permit.

Avoid Plumbing-Stay safe

Avoid Plumbing-Stay safe

If you know plumbing, then minor plumbing repairs like changing a vanity is or installing a new dishwasher is permissible. But the complicated jobs like, adding toilet in the basement, which requires main supply line and, it can only be done by professionals associated with plumbing.

Risky roofing- Hire a professional!!

There are too many serious injuries caused to people falling off their roof, while doing roof repairs by themselves. Hiring a professional is not worth the cost savings.

Working with your basement

Lowering your basement is a big investment, as it requires significant foundation work and major labour. It is not safe to do it yourself. There are companies that specialize in basement building.

Floor repairs

To bring up a new look to the house, replacing the old floor with a new one is a great way. Do not add the new floor over the existing, before you begin with the installation, remove the old floor.

Avoid painting the peeled off walls

Painting over the peeled off walls is not going to help you in improving your home. It only ruins the wall surface with bubbles emerging, which could become an extra cost to you to be filled up again with joint compound.

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“The investment of staging your home, is far less than a price reduction on your home”.

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