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Our Achievements

The Svamitva Group has been well-known and trusted by the people for their reliability and trust in every manner of communication and absolute care and preference for customers when it comes to their projects. When it comes to real estate development, the Svamitva Group has always been a part of an echelon that believes in creating infrastructure for the future and building their vision for the betterment of the nation.

Our group are well-known members of the Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India (CREDAI) . As a part of an association with CREDAI, our group consistently works towards keeping the industry of real estate development as organised and progressive as possible. We have established a participation in consultations related to housing and surroundings through the association by networking with various government policy makers, investors, financiers, and others. Under the code of conduct established by CREDAI, we strictly abide by self-governance and adherence to ethical practices whilst looking forward to sharing latest industry practices, construction technologies, and international benchmarks.

The Svamitva Group is also an active member of Business Network International (BNI), the world’s largest business networking organisation. We engage with different business in BNI, exchanging and providing business opportunities to each other, in a structured and positive manner, which is extremely professional. The trust and reliability in the name of Svamitva has created longstanding and fruitful relationships with various business professionals.

The success of Svamitva Group has been a result of not settling down for mediocrity and always aspiring to be excellent in every operation that they undertake. Our achievements and recognition in various organisations is a result of our core principles themselves.