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Our Services

Being a part of any project developed by the Svamitva Group is a choice that has been repeatedly made by our customers. Apart from well-designed housing, accommodative environments, and a peaceful abode, Svamitva has also focused on providing facilities to aspiring residents to ease them into the family and also make them feel secure.


The brand image of Svamitva has been synonymous with trust and reliability. We have established healthy and fruitful relationships with various professionals in different sectors of the market. Due to that, customers who aspire to buy a property in any of the Svamitva projects receive special attention from the banks. Since all legal documentation is always in perfect order, customers do not face any hassles while approaching banks for financial assistance. Moreover, applying for home loans and acquiring them at an affordable rate is a facility that the customers of Svamitva can avail for while purchasing any property developed by us.


Every resident aspires to keep their home safe and secure irrespective of their presence. Svamitva Group understands the need for the same and takes extra care in providing top-notch security services in many of its projects. Most of our projects fall under gated communities that ensure verification and checking of outsiders entering the premises. Security personnel are deployed at all entrances and strategic points throughout the project to ensure that every area is covered and monitored at all times. Furthermore, certain developments also employ the use of CCTV cameras that record and monitor all activities, day and night. All feeds are supervised by the security personnel so that any untoward incident is prevented from taking place ever.


Acquiring a home with no hassles and protecting it is what we all desire. Svamitva Group brings that assurance to its customers by welcoming them with ease and caring for them throughout their lives.