The Svamitva Group has been engaged in the business of Real Estate  and Construction for a period of 30 years and has established an excellent track record in the Industry. The large amount of goodwill that the Svamitva Group has garnered over these years have been completely built upon trust, reliability, and the assurance of quality that we provide in all our ventures.

A large number of projects in a variety of forms have been successfully completed by our group. Svamitva Group has also carried a sizeable amount of projects  with many organisations and business houses that carry a well-formed and bright reputation in the sector. The group has also been diversified into various sectors like Real Estate, Construction, Hospitality, Architecture, Food Grain Trading, Steel Manufacturing, Solar Power, Warehousing, IT and Sports. These have always been in line with the core values that the Svamitva Group holds true to itself since the group hails from a good social, financial, and political background.

Throughout the years, Svamitva Group has shown a constant and unwaveringly persistent progress combined with a continuous growth in the business of real estateThe group has also diversified its operations in Melbourne Australia by joining hands with ASTRACORP known as SVAMITVA ASTRACORP,   this has majorly been possible due to the state of the art management techniques that are employed in the daily activities. The legal documentation is always in place and in line with any existing government laws and rules. Such decisions have always led to mitigating any problems with our customers being exposed to the least risks when they become a part of our ventures.

The Svamitva Group has always enjoyed a fantastic reputation amongst its customers. We have always placed our customers above everyone else. This has been clearly visible in the competitive rates that are offered for our ventures as well as the amenities and the latest facilities that our residents enjoy in our  projects. Moreover, innovative schemes and eco friendly design are initiated in order to make our customers feel special and keep them special even after they are a part of our projects. These include many projects that are environment friendly, and cater to creating a healthy atmosphere within and around the area. Most of our projects are located in extremely popular locations that result in maximum appraisal of property values for its residents.

Our consistent efforts have resulted in widespread projects across India. . Svamitva Group has always offered flexible business deals to our investors to encourage future ventures as well as ushered in an ease to receive financial assistance from various banking corporations, too. All our transactions are completely transparent which has further inspired trust in our name and brand from customers and investors equally itself as one of the biggest Brands.

Over the years, Svamitva Group has positioned itself as one of the biggest firms in the area of construction and real estate firms. The reach to such a high standing has been possible only because of the presence of a heroic team and esteemed leadership.

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