The Svamitva Group is one of the top developers in Bangalore with over 43+ Years of experience in the construction and real estate industry. We have successfully delivered over 70+ projects and over 6.75 Million Sq.Ft. Over the years the Svamitva family has grown to more than 10,000+ happy customers who have helped us grow to great new heights and it is their faith in us that has made us a developer known for our reliability, trustworthiness and on-time delivery.

We have projects across Bangalore, Bijapur, Solapur, Gulbarga and more recently we have expanded internationally to Melbourne, Australia.

Our Projects are unique and are usually designed around Eco friendly practices and wellness concepts. We go above and beyond by using Eco-friendly materials, experimental architecture, wellness amenities and IGBC certified practices.

So Come and become a part of the Svamitva Family


Svamitva started with a simple thought in mind, and that is ‘Ownership’. When a customer buys a property, there are a lot of things that people look into. Svamitva wanted to encapsulate all the needs of a customer in a simple Icon, and that is how the Svamitva Logo was created.

Space For Life

When a person visits a property, one of the things they would look at is the floor map. A floor map is a basic and a very powerful aid for an individual to visualize the final structure. The first element we have used in the logo is of a Floor map.

Honoring Relationships

The second element of the logo is Trust and Honoring Relationships. Trust plays a very important role when a person makes the choice of a builder. To communicate this emotion, we have portrayed two people interlocking their hands.


Space, Design & Trust come together in the form an S representing the ethos of Svamitva which is to create world-class housing projects for our customers and also uphold the bond and commitment that we have with our customer. At Svamitva our customers are our foundation.

Welcome home, Welcome to Svamitva

The Svamitva Group believes in creating a better world for the people, that is rooted in the values and virtues of their thought process.


To be a Superior and Excellent Professional Firm for its Employees and also Known for Value and Service to its Clients


Shaping the future through excellence, Creative Solutions and Visionary Leaderships


Svamitva Legacy

Our Journey is one of 43+ glorious years.  The svamitva group started way back in 1960 in Barmer with Mr. Shankarlaji who started a Food Grain firm. The family expanded to Solapur and Bijapur when our first real estate venture started as the Nakoda group and Shankeshwar Builders. Over 43 years, Under the able leadership and the constant support of our customers we grew from strength to strength delivering several residential projects, plotted developments and hospitality ventures.

In 2000, the group also started horizontal expansions by foraying into Construction, Hospitality, Architecture, Food Grain Trading, Steel Manufacturing, Solar Power, Warehousing, IT and Sports.. Buoyed by the brand success we have even expanded overseas to Australia through Svamitva Australia.

It has truly been an astounding journey and we are truly grateful to all our supporters, customers, well wishers and mentors. We thank you for your support and look forward to the next 43 years.