Aishwarya nagar

Spiritual City

Svamitva presents Spiritual City. It has all amenities which you can enjoy in your farm house. This is unique concept which is taken into consideration mainly for health benefits of our customers.
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Ameena Residency

Sidda Ganga Nagar

History is how we are remembered. Our visions that we establish, our creations that we make, is how we create our mark.
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Aishwarya nagar


Wealth and prosperity is the dream that every individual hopes to achieve. This is what we want in our lives. This is also what we want our lives to represent.
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Sankeshwar villa


With apartments being ubiquitous nearly everywhere, houses have seemed to have lost the emotion of homeliness and have simply become four walls.

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Signature city


Svamitva Group believes that our homes should bear our identity. They should be a face of ourselves that define who we are and establish our uniqueness.
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Sunworld city


A shining and energetic presence in Bijapur is what the people of the city will look up to SunWorld City as. The Svamitva Group has always offered more than promised and this project will be another example of the same.

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Vision city


Imagine a life where you are no longer restricted to the four walls of your apartment, where you have the space to build your house as you had always dreamed of.

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Sapphire city


Svamitva Group introduces a gem of a residential project helmed completely by them to offer the best residential housing experience.

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Suryalake view


How wonderful would it be if you could wake up every morning and, instead of rushing to turn off your alarm clock and looking at your day’s schedule, you could see a wonderful lake and welcome the day?
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