Signature city


Svamitva Group believes that our homes should bear our identity. They should be a face of ourselves that define who we are and establish our uniqueness.
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Sapphire city


Svamitva Group introduces a gem of a residential project helmed completely by them to offer the best residential housing experience.

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Aishwarya nagar


Wealth and prosperity is the dream that every individual hopes to achieve. This is what we want in our lives. This is also what we want our lives to represent.
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Sankeshwar villa


With apartments being ubiquitous nearly everywhere, houses have seemed to have lost the emotion of homeliness and have simply become four walls.

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Ameena Residency

Samrajya Nagar

History is how we are remembered. Our visions that we establish, our creations that we make, is how we create our mark.
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When a place evokes the emotion of a serene atmosphere combined with regality, it brings a vibe of living every person aspires for. Sterling Palms brings exactly that to its residents.

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Who doesn’t want to live in the lap of an oyster and become the pearl itself? Svamitva Group brings to you a gem of a project that is no less than the magnificence of a pearl itself.

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Smart city


Homes are no longer simply places to live. They have become the central hub of all activities. With a large number of people who work from home and have their own business, it becomes essential to have a place of living that is just as smart as you.
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Apartments are not just four walls with a place to eat and sleep. They are homes. They are our personal palaces of grandeur that should be as lavish as we would want them to. Svamitva Group believes that its residents should live like kings and that is why they conceptualized their latest residential project.

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