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The Svamitva Group has been engaged in the business of construction and real estate properties for a period of nearly 30 years and has established an excellent track record in the domain. The large amount of goodwill that the Svamitva Group has garnered over these years have been completely built upon trust, reliability, and the assurance of quality that we provide in all our ventures.

A large number of sites in a variety of forms have been successfully completed by our group. Svamitva Group has also carried a sizeable amount of open plots projects in the form of joint ventures with many organisations and business houses that carry a well-formed and bright reputation in the sector. These have always been in line with the core values that the Svamitva Group holds true to itself since the group hails from a good social, financial, and political background.

Throughout the years, Svamitva Group has shown a constant and unwaveringly persistent progress combined with a continuous growth in the business of real estate including Plots For Sale and Apartments For Sale. This has majorly been possible due to the state of the art management techniques that are employed in the daily activities. All legal documentation is always in place and in line with any existing government laws and rules. Such decisions have always led to mitigating any problems with our customers being exposed to the least risks when they become a part of our ventures.

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The Svamitva Group believes in creating a better world for the people, that is rooted in the values and virtues trust, satisfaction and integrity. Over the years, Svamitva Group has positioned itself as one of the biggest firms in the area of construction and real estate firms. The reach to such a high standing has been possible only because of the presence of a heroic team and esteemed leadership.

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Svamitva has developed and delivered over 55 Residential projects. Svamitva has several ongoing projects across Bangalore, Bijapur, Solapur and Gulbarga. Svamitva has several types of residential projects for sale to ensure that what ever your dream home, there is always an option that is the perfect fit for you.

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