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Life is not just about work and responsibilities. It is essentially about having fun and living life to the fullest. We need to own the fun factor in our lives and begin exploring it in all ways possible. The best way to do so is a quick holiday to a place very close to you.

From a long time, Svamitva Group has had the pleasure to showcase one of the most distinctive and glorious projects they have ever developed. The Nakoda Holiday Resorts and Water Park catapulted the image of Svamitva Group to a level of grandeur that became visible across the nation and even beyond. Located on the Pune – Solapur highway, this project takes only 15 minutes to reach from Solapur City and is the only water park in the vicinity of the main city. Spread over a great and sprawling lush green area of a whopping 25 acres, it stands to the recognition from the people who have termed it as one of the funkiest and the craziest water park they have been to.

The area is infused with nearly 150 independent holiday homes in the form of penthouses, luxury villas, and bungalows. These elements of absolute homeliness and relaxation are further enhanced by the ornaments of a swimming pool, a professional lawn tennis court, a professional badminton court, and countless other amenities. The Water Park in itself has remained a snapshot of absolute enjoyment with a number of exciting water slides and rides, a space for rain dance, wave pool, floating toys, and other attractions. Combining all this with a spectacular multi-cuisine restaurants satiates both the mind and the heart and completely creates a lap of luxury.

The Nakoda Holiday Resorts and Water Park had already gotten people talking about it and is still rejuvenating its visitors every single time since its opening. Visit us soon if you haven’t already and have a rollicking time of fun-filled enjoyment you have ever had in your life!

Why Choose Nakoda Holiday Resorts

– Well-developed plots with a range of amenities.
– Strategically located near Devanahalli.
– Jangamakote Cross – Bengaluru’s fast growing location.
– Quick access to Bengaluru’s prime destinations.
– Sanctioned by DTCP.

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Sonata City is nestled in Jangamakote Cross (Near Devanahalli), where you’ll surround yourself with nature, peace, and tranquility.

One of its strongest USPs is that it’s far away from the hustle and bustle of the city yet close to its important locations, and enjoys a flourishing social infrastructure and excellent connectivity.

Nakoda Holiday Resorts Waterpark is close to:

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Sonata City is replete with the choicest of amenities, which not only complement your stature, but also aid in achieving a holistic living experience – one that allows you to revitalise and connect with your mind, body, and soul.

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Site Address:

Svamitva Infra Pvt. Ltd
79, Jodbhavi Peth,
Near Vyapari Bank,
Solapur -413002.