How Modern Residential Projects Are Evolving Into Wellness Destinations

How Modern Residential Projects Are Evolving Into Wellness Destinations

Wellness has gradually transformed from a trendy health buzzword to a holistic pursuit. Our choice of food, drink and practices is carefully considered to ensure we get the most out of it. Thus, it is no surprise that our choice of home is also viewed from a wellness perspective. There are a number of lifestyle amenities that developers provide which are specifically aimed at enhancing one’s level of wellness. Let’s look at a few which have become quite common in urban residential gated communities:

Reflexology Park

Gentle pressure applied to specific points of the body like feet, hands and ears provide deep healing. A reflexology path is specially designed to massage and apply pressure to the acupressure points on the soles of the feet. This stimulation helps reduce stress and anxiety, reduces pain, and generally uplifts one’s mood.

Aroma Garden

An aroma garden is specially curated with specific plants and herbs who’s aroma provides a sense of relaxation and healing like basil, mint, rosemary, lemongrass, thyme and more. Walking around an aroma garden and inhaling the soothing aromas of the plants is known to help one unwind, relax and have a sensorial healing experience.

Gong Room

Gong healing is a well-known sound-based healing therapy. Sound waves are generated using a gong, a percussion musical instrument, which sends harmonic vibrations through the body to provide relaxation and deep healing. Sound therapy is commonly used to help treat conditions like stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, etc.


Labyrinth paths date back to ancient times when meditative walks through the labyrinth were a common practice. The journey to reach the center of the labyrinth is calming as the design of labyrinths slows one down as they get closer to the center. Labyrinth walks are considered relaxing and therapeutic especially for those with blood pressure, anxiety and breathing problems.

Organic Farming

Many people find gardening very relaxing as it distracts them from daily worries and generally helps them refocus their energies. An organic farm for residents encourages them to do so in a specially designed space with all the necessary tools. The added advantage is one can consume the healthy assortment of herbs, fruits and vegetables grown here.

Bio Diversity Park

A bio diversity park in gated communities is specially designed with a curated mix of trees and plants which can be inhabited by a variety of birds and butterflies. Such spaces in a residential enclave provide a soothing oasis of greenery, and natural flora and fauna. One can enjoy relaxing walks in such parks.

Bamboo Trail

Bamboo forests are well known for their environmental benefits which include regulating water levels, reducing carbon and producing more oxygen. Smaller versions of bamboo forests are reproduced in the form of bamboo trails and walkways in residential areas. These perform similar functions in addition to providing a calming walkway where one can breathe purer, healing air.

To Conclude…

All of the above amenities are geared towards enabling one to achieve their wellness goals. These and many other similar amenities are provided at Svamitva’s soon-to-be-launched project — Codename Wellness. This luxury residential wellness project has a range of amenities which provide relaxation, healing and a heady sensory experience. Learn more about what this project offers you.