Corporate Social Responsibility/Help for Challenged:


The group has been especially involved with the upliftment and aid of physically handicapped people since the last 20 years. A number of camps were conducted in Jaipur to provide the disabled and polio-ridden people with foot callipers. The strength of the camp resulted in nearly a thousand people making use of the foot callipers and stand proudly on their own feet. Some of the physically challenged people were also provided hand prosthetics.

Every person in this world has the right to live their life in a proud and dignified manner. Carrying forth this belief in social activities, Svamitva Group established the Apang Ekta Sanghatana (United Organisation of the Handicapped). Through this organisation, the physically challenged are empowered by helping them in developing skills in varied sectors like computer education. Training is also provided in other trades and crafts so that they may pursue normal lives just like everybody else. In order to aid them in their movement and transportation, Svamitva have even distributed various forms of tricycles.

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