At Svamitva social responsibility is at the core of our ethos


The Svamitva Group has always valued human life and tried the best to assist the needy whenever possible. Like the group values it’s customer, it also understands the societal value and meaning of being responsible within the society. And, as part of this responsibility Svamitva always tries to uplift the people in need. As a part of the policy the Group never turns down any individual who approaches for help.

Clean Drinking Water facility at Vijayapura Sub Registrar office

In today’s world everyone needs access to safe drinking water in adequate quantities.

Svamitva Infra Pvt Ltd., ( Mahaveer Mehta Group) has initiated this activity 5 years back of providing free drinking water in the city of Vijayapura. As part of this initiative, Svamitva Group recently provided a facility at Sub Registrar office in Vijayapura.

Svamitva Group will be providing more such facilities in and around Vijayapura in the coming year.