Corporate Social Responsibility/Religious Activity:

A Temple was built by Svamitva Group behind Bhawani Hospital to cherish the Sanskars to current and upcoming generations. The inspiration behind constructing this temple was of Late Shri Shankarlalji Mehta

Bhagwan Mahaveer Social and Educational Trust every year organizes a “TirthYatra” for women over 50 years on the occasion of “MahilaDiwas”. The “TirthYatra” is being organized from last 7 years.

BhagwanMahaveer Social and Educational Trust every year awards the prestigious “AhinsaPrerana” Puraskar in fond remembrance of their mother “Late Sou.VarjudeviShankarlal Mehta. This award was started 2 years ago. The award is given to a person who has done remarkable work for “AhinsaPrachar”.

The recipients of this award for last 2 years are:-

Shri Dighant Babasaheb Aamte , Gadchiroli

Mr. Mubarak shaikh, Pune

The swarup of this award is “Maandhan” and a Momemto

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